From the people that make the movies, to your hands. We’ve helped Peter Jackson’s Weta deliver high quality collectibles to fans worldwide.

The Client

Weta is the high end movie production company responsible for hits from Lord of the Rings to King Kong and Tin-Tin. In addition to designing and building some of the most visual immersive scenes on the big screen Weta also produces high end collectables for fans around the world. These collectables are made by the same artisans that make movie props.

The Challenge

We partnered with Weta to create an e-commerce website that would service fans around the world with 4 warehouses and 5 currencies. Our role was to create a whole website production that would balance commerce and brand in a symbiotic relationship with the movies weta is known for making.

The Strategy

By connecting fans with storytelling we created opportunities to show the full value of each product. We searched for ways to interweave the story of the painstaking production quality and the essence of each unique brand weta produces products for. With moments of surprise and delight embedded throughout the site the connection between storytelling and product is not lost.

The Design

At the forefront Weta is a movie production company so we wanted to keep the site feeling cinematic with deep palette to bring the products to the forefront. With more visually engaging assets than most brands we kept the site structure simple with a clear hierarchy, bold type, custom icons and prominent call to actions to increase conversion. Our responsive design system lets the high quality products shine while feeling at home with their brand elements.

The Technology

While simplicity on the front end of the site was a goal this robust system has a super charger packed under the hood. Beyond connecting multiple warehouses and payment systems in real time this system also created a better consumer experience with customized order routing and shipping offers for the consumer based on their location. The ability to drive sales is controlled through a complex discount module as well as a special reward system “weta dollars” for every product purchased with a special set of rules, rewards, expectations and bonuses.

The Conclusion

In our ongoing relationship with Weta we continue to support them in their ongoing sales effort. We are excited to see the improvement this site has on sale over time and embrace a philosophy of constant improvement through refinement of goals.

Let the collaboration begin.