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You’re a kick ass designer that enjoys making everything pixel perfect. You’re organized — you love grids, clean layers and neatly named files!


July 12, 2017

You are not at the point in your career (yet) where you are the the “star” creative director and you would rather spend your time making design work great than talking to the client. You’re an established designer with your feet firmly on the ground and you know that what you do is super important. You are responsible for executing visual concepts under the guidance of an Art Director, you work independently and understand how to apply the visual concepts correctly to wireframes — while calling out if there’s anything missing. You are besties with your Producer.


You Should have:

- 3+ years experience designing

- A deep understanding of Wireframes and how to apply design elements

- A solid understanding of responsive design techniques and app fundamentals

- Solid experience working in Photoshop and Sketch

- A strong desire to grow as a designer and push your limits

- Exceptional communication skills

- Bonus you have UX design experience


What we give you:

- Competitive Salary

- Medical benefits

- Paid Holiday and Time off!

- A really big monitor!


If interested, please send a message to

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