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Launch Project
Metajive partnered with Duo security to create a digital experience for their trade show booth at RSA, the largest digital security trade show in the world.


iOS Development
Server Configurations
On Site Support

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Metajive's client Duo's Logo


In order to attract users to the booth and inform them of Duo's capabilties, we connected a series of 16 devices and a 70 inch TV on site to a socket server to enable users to simulate Duo's services for three defined user personas.

Duo's trade show booth at RSA


While security is serious we wanted to make sure it was also approachable. By dividing the project into three seperate flows we were able to highlight the features that matter to each role.

Duo illustrations by Metajive


The security market is built on a platform of mitigating risk and fear of compromise. Duo is different in that they create a bright, friendly, approachable brand that stands out from the crowd. We built on that direction with custom illustration and a playful feel in order to attract people into the booth and invite them to use our kiosk.

Duo's interactive touch screen showing technology by Metajive
Details we Love


Duo brand font H2
color: #6ab747
font-family: Open Sans Light
font-size: 150 pt
line-height: 200 pt
letter-spacing: 0pt


Duo brand font example H2 with second line
color: #405665
font-family: Antennae Medium
font-size: 40 pt
line-height: 20 pt
letter-spacing: 100 pt


color: #6f6158
font-family: Antennae Medium
font-size: 26 pt
line-height: 62 pt
letter-spacing: 100 pt





Metajive created a series of custom icons to show the the full feature set of Duo's capabilities.


To create this onsite installation we leveraged multiple technologies to network 16 devices through an onsite server to allow for real time communication between devices and a large 4K TV display.

Socket Server Technology

A local server enabled information to simultaneously be sent between devices.

Smart Content Management System

Our content management platform customized for each project.

Custom Data Feeds

Ability to serve custom data as requested by the user at the device level.

Native iOS App

Built for the highest performance on Apple devices.

On Site Support

We don't set it and forget it, metajive was on site to make sure the operation was deployed flawlessly throughout the show.

Advanced Memory Optimization

With high load video and assets we created advanced memory optimization for a smooth operation over a series of trade shows.

Custom User Based Email System

A database driven system customized to communicate with attendees after the event.

Data Capture Integration

While users were engaged with the demo we captured their name and email for use by the sales team after the event.

Realtime Display Graphics Integration

We integrated real time data with our motion graphics to integrate our fans into the brand.

Custom Hardware Solution

We deployed custom built hardware to ensure a seamless operation throughout the experience.

Motion Graphics Integration

Premium motion graphics to create a sense of wonderment.

Real Time Device to Device Communication

Leveraging the latest protocols in synchronization we created a seamless experience across two devices.


We were fortunate enough to have a great partner with our team at Duo who helped us pull off this installation on a tight timeline. With a great booth design and a talented tech team we worked remotely as one team in order to create a great booth experience. We invited users in and gave them a great tool to learn about Duo and its capabilties without overwhelming them with the details.

Duo's interactive touch screen with illustration of floating man