SoftBank Group

Launch Project
We had the opportunity to partner with Mococo to help SoftBank Group update its digital presence. SoftBank has made its name as one of the largest investors in the world by working with forward-thinking companies. We made sure they had a strong voice to effectively communicate with a global audience.


SEO ImplementationA
DA Compliance
Advanced Security

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Taking design lead from Mococo Muse, we provided the digital insight to optimize their designs online. We helped hone the designs by implementing best UX and responsive design practices while offering the expertise to turn their ideas into a reality. A company of this scale needs to be accessible to all, so we also had to ensure that the entire site was ADA compliant with security standards on a global scale.


SoftBank needed a platform designed for clarity of communication. Our partners at Mococo Muse created digital brand guidelines that were exactly what was needed, with a forward-thinking simplicity. We were able to create a module design system to ensure that the content throughout the site was presented in a straightforward and minimalist, yet beautiful way.




Real time filtering helps users find exactly what they’re looking for, the first time.

Podcast Transcript

With ADA being of utmost importance, we ensured that each video and podcast has a place for a transcript with clickable timestamps to allow the user to seek directly to each time point.

Details we Love


color: #142C64
family - Times LT
weight - Regular
text-align: left
font-size: 96 pt
line-height 96 pt


color: #142C64
family - Times LT
weight - Regular
text-align: left
font-size: 24 pt
line-height 32 pt


color: #393939
family - Post Grotesk
weight - Regular
text-align: left
font-size: 20 pt
line-height 30 pt



Buttons and States


Working with the SoftBank IT team, we planned the server environment and implemented a Drupal content management system. We built a custom React front end to create a seamless experience with a fast user interface. We used caching services to make sure search engines could read the site as easy as the users. After implementing SoftBank’s security requirements (you know, the kind we don’t talk about publicly) and checking every box from the security audit we were ready to launch the site.

Responsive Website

A site that adapts to look great on every screen.

ADA Compliant

Designed to help users with disabilities within the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


JavaScript library used to create user interfaces, optimal for efficiently updating and rendering correct components as your data changes.

Advanced Security Compliance

Establishing security procedures in compliance with vulnerability reports to ensure maximum security worldwide.

Multi-Filter Customer Search

Ability for users to search by brand, product category, and many more variables.

Retina Optimized

Modified content with the highest resolution images to take advantage of high density screens.

SEO Optimization

Helping increase visibility of products for search results.

Real Time Search Results

Automated search completion and product preview in real time based on search queries.

CDN Integration

Delivering files at ultra-high transfer speeds to increase site loading time and decrease server load.

Drupal Content Management System

A leading open-source content management system that is designed with security in mind.

Server Set Up

Establish a web server to quickly serve web pages to users.


We are enamored at the opportunity to partner with SoftBank Group and our new friends at Mococo Muse. We are excited to continue to work together to support the world’s most forward-thinking companies and continue to support their businesses moving forward.