Top Five With Metajive!

We value balance. For a project to truly surpass the expected, creative and technology need to work collaboratively and not compete. We achieve audacious business goals because our team offers outstanding integration and strength in both.


We collaborate with the best

We have been fortunate to partner with the best brands on the planet and learn from our collaborations within the best agencies. We work with brands both big and small to help catalyze their success.

By the numbers

We are sixteen years old and have been with the internet since its awkward teenage years (and our own). With over 300 projects under our belt we sometimes feel like we've seen it all, but we also know deep down that we're just getting started.
Successful Project Collaborations
Founded in a leap year,
on a thursday
Industry Accolades
awarded to our work

We win stuff, no biggie

Since our first projects, we have been fortunate enough to work with brands that value quality. While we are always flattered at the recognition from our peers, our partner's success is our true North Star.
Webby Honoree
Lenovo A 720 Launch
Webby Honoree
Webby Honoree
CSS Design Awards
Adobe Site of the Day
FWA Shortlist
How Interactive Design Awards
Internet Advertising Competition
AdWeek Talent Gallery
Mashable Feature
Design Licks
AWWWARDS Site of the Day
American Web Design Award
Communication Arts Site of the Day
FWA Mobile APP of the Day
HOW International Design Awards
Graphic Design USA Award
Communication Arts Web Pick

Industry Leadership

The highlight of our year is when we get a chance to mingle with the brightest minds in our industry at conferences around the world to share our knowledge. And our metajive employees regularly contribute to leading design magazines and blogs to shine a light on the digital community.

Content Contribution


99u delivers action oriented insights that you didn't get in school. We contribute interviews with key players in the interactive design world.


AIGA has championed great design for over 100 years. We chose to collaborate with AIGA to provide original thought and shine a light on the digital world.


2017, 2014
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Process of Progress
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
San Diego, California, USA
Digital Agency Day: The future of agencies
Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
Future of Web Design
New York City, New York, USA
How Interactive Design Conference
San Francisco California,
& Washington D.C. USA
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Web Unleashed
Boston Massachusetts, USA
Reno Nevada, USA
AIGA Seattle
Seattle Washington, USA
Flash Forward
San Francisco California, USA
Adobe Max
Los Angeles California, USA

Partnership is our M.O

We have never been good at simply doing as we're told, but we are good listeners. We regularly listen, think and respond to incredible opportunities. We share what is on our minds and have learned to look from our clients point of view until we find alignment. Then we get things done.
Digital Design Is A Team Sport
Great experiences are not driven by a single person but by the collaboration of a solid team working together. We're tight knit, work with a sense of urgency and produce great work.
We Do It Together
We don't take sides and we don't take orders. To put it simply, we always work with our clients as partners.
Location Agnostic
We have clients and team members in the big apple, down under and even some who sip tea with the queen. We're able to accommodate every time zone and can pull the best free agents onto the field when needed.