Metajive Grows By Three


It’s just as well we moved to new offices last month... Because we keep on adding more desks!

As we continue to grow, working with existing and (lots of) new partners, we are scaling with some of the most talented people in the industry. Meet the latest new Metajivers to join the team.

When there’s a balance between functionality and emotion, the two amplify each other.” – Mike Matas
It’s no wonder Nicholas Foster drops this quote when asked if he has any thoughts on the industry. Because, as a UX Designer for Metajive, his work depends on fine tuning that delicate balance so that a user can interact with a product intuitively and productively. Nicholas loves to watch tutorials on 3D animation, front-end development, and more, and is known to watch Encanto on repeat with his wife and two daughters.
Before joining Metajive, Nicholas’s career took him to Saatchi and Saatchi New York, Robert Half, Ansira, and H & R Block. We’re thrilled he found his way to Metajive as we know he will help us continue our mission of creating great experiences. But we’re also secretly excited because Nicholas is known to create dance videos on TikTok, and well, who doesn’t love to watch their co-workers dancing online?
Don’t be stuck up… Never have an ego and always be humble to everyone.”
We love this quote from Mike Jorgensen – a new Art Director here at Metajive. In fact, it ties in perfectly with our mantra of “Excellence without ego”, so we know he’ll fit right in. If you have the good fortune of working with Mike, you can call him “Jorg”. It’s ok, everyone else does. And let us tell you a little about Jorg. Growing up a skateboarder, he was naturally drawn to all aspects of art and creativity. He interned at DC Shoes before starting his first agency role at Juice Design where he worked on Adidas Skate, Snow, and Originals categories. He traded the busy life of San Francisco for San Diego, where he grew from Senior Designer to Senior Art Director at Dynamic Dinosaur. Jorg is now a Metajiver, and we’re thrilled to have him along with his motto (which mirrors our own) of always strategizing creativity along with function.
Say hello to Kristen Jensen – our new Senior Digital Producer. Kristen describes her role as a hybrid of “Program management, project management, and solution delivery” – something we and our partners can get behind.
Kristen has worked in marketing and communications in the video game industry for the past twelve years, touching projects such as Guild Wars 2, and she spent five years at Xbox (we can’t wait for game night…) She also worked in tech support and IT before that, so her understanding of the projects she helps manage runs deep. When she’s not running point on multiple projects, she spends time teaching yoga and life coaching. So if you happen to drop into the office and find us all in downward dog, you know who to blame.

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