You know your golf technology company is doing something right when users include the likes of Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, and Jason Day. Their unparalleled product lineup includes high-end Simulators and Launch Monitors for elite athletes and affluent golfers. They came to Metajive when they realized they were facing a challenge in what was becoming an increasingly competitive market.


Full Swing’s website was outdated and needed an e-commerce experience to maintain a premium aesthetic that showcased the brand in its true light. During the project we introduced a new product – the Kit Studio – that required significant changes to the site & a new configuration flow. 


Beyond needing to optimize the site with clear calls and elevating the brand from the ground up we needed to start with a navigational deep dive.  We dove into how to best position this diverse product lineup and audience by targeting them with specific content tailored for each product. There were different audiences for each product which required diverse content types that varied based on the path the user took. In doing so, we made sure the website had a cohesive look and feel throughout. 


We approach websites with the intention that they will scale so we made sure to create a narrative that also transcended Tiger Woods and introduced other golf professionals. We created space on the site where Full Swing could expand their professional testimonials by telling more in-depth stories about these golfers’ experiences with the products.


We aimed for an approachable yet high-end look that reflected an athletic luxury aesthetic without feeling overly masculine. Wanting to bridge the gap between the website and their technology we expanded their colorway which was inspired by the simulator, emphasizing the premium nature of Full Swing's products. Knowing that one of the most Googled golf terms is, “What simulator does Tiger Woods use”, we paid special attention to elevating their story in a compelling way. 

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Color Palette

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We built the site pages modularly so every part of the website could be as flexible as possible making it easy to customize background color,  layout, and maximize content. The website has a headless frontend, hosted on AWS Amplify. As we dove into the cart experience, we chose to keep this part of the site PHP to ensure safe & secure handling of consumer-generated data. 

Project Results

We successfully launched the website on Black Friday, meeting the three-month turnaround goal. The optimized site led to an increase in leads for the sales team, making it easier to convince customers that Full Swing was the right choice. Conversion rates saw a significant improvement, especially with the addition of clear calls-to-action on the homepage.

The overhaul not only optimized the site for current products but also future-proofed it for scalability. Full Swing now possesses a versatile platform capable of accommodating additional product lines, ensuring long-term growth and adaptability in the dynamic sports technology market, and is the modern, user-centric site their premium brand deserves.
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