The Surf Ranch is where surfers go to find their own version of Nirvana. Brain child of pro-surfer Kelly Slater and home to the world's best wave, Metajive was privileged to help take the brand and site to the next level.


Because the client needed us to work on an expedited timeline, it was all hands-on-deck from the start. We were tasked with crafting a site and narrative that would appeal to both the world’s surfing elite (guests) and potential business partners (developers), while engaging everyone in the truly unique experience the Surf Ranch provides.


Everything about Surf Ranch is exceptional – from the science behind the wave to the experience provided when visiting the surf ranch. We communicated the quality of the surf ranch in a way that was easily understandable and translated with emotional appeal that resonated. Additionally we set up lead generation and marketing initiatives to coincide with the launch of the new site, and the premier of The Ultimate Surfer – the new competition series from World Surf League champion Kelly Slater and hosted at the Surf Ranch.


Whether you're looking to surf the ultimate wave or understand about the science behind it, you want to feel the emotion behind it. Our design included embedded videos and photo elements to help the viewer on this journey. Our goal was to create a down-to-earth environment that would portray the welcoming nature of the ranch, with clean, modern typography and intuitive interactions.

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Color Palette


With a new site and fresh marketing initiatives and never before seen drool worthy surf footage we knew the potential site traffic could be huge. We deployed the latest server technology with pre-compiled "headless" HTML pages from an Amazon Cloud Delivery Network. No matter how many people visit the site, it will always run at optimum speed with no risk of crashing. We integrated the latest marketing automation software and an innovative CMS that allows unprecedented client control.


The timeline was tight but by fully immersing ourselves in the project we were able to deliver a finished product that reflects the overall Surf Ranch experience at the peak of its hype. The result? A happy client and a team who are ready to go grab their boardshorts.
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