New year, new faces.

new hires

We are honored to have so much incredible talent join the Metajive team as we scale our relationships with existing and new partners.

With a packed year of exciting projects already in motion, these new team members are hitting the ground running alongside our veterans to keep fulfilling our mission of creating great experiences.
Let us introduce you…
Work with those who really want to see you succeed. Also, don’t listen to me, just follow your instincts.
Meet Leo Rabelo, a new Creative Director here at Metajive. Leo decided the creative life was for him before even entering college, interning at a small agency before embarking on an Advertising and Marketing BA in Brazil. After that, he worked both in-house and at a range of creative shops before heading north with his family to San Diego.
That was back in 2011. Today, Leo lives in Cleveland, Ohio, proving that we can collaborate on great experiences no matter where you are on the map. We’re thrilled to have Leo on the team but do need to warn you, he was once bitten on the neck by a bat. Just felt we should share.
“Organizational skills that are borderline psychotic.”
Those are Adam Adcock’s words, not ours, but we stand by them wholeheartedly. Our new Senior Producer is nothing if not organized. He’s also oddly knowledgeable about viruses, diseases, and bacteria, and while this information is totally irrelevant to his work at Metajive… well, it’s just kind of cool.
Adam comes to us with a breadth of experience that sets him up for success in our environment. He learned how to survive in a tech company at Groupon, how to not make development teams hate him while at Intrado (virtual events), and he learned the value of compliance and process at a food manufacturing magazine. Welcome to the team Adam – we’re happy to have you with us.
“The only forward is, well, forward”
Hunter Allsop makes sure he fills his “visual vocabulary" every day by keeping up with current design trends and following other designers, and his commitment to his craft shows in his excellent UX design work.
Based out of Southern Utah, you’ll find Hunter exploring everything the area has to offer – swimming, hiking (especially in Zion National Park), camping, and riding his dirt bike. When it comes to his work, he lives by Steve Job’s mantra of, ​​”It's not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." On Hunter’s wish-I-could-design-this-wishlist? A monitor on the outside of your fridge that gives you recipes and meal ideas according to the food you have. Make it work, Hunter –we’re with you on this one!
You may already know Paige as we introduced her as a new Metajive producer a while back. Paige has been killing it and we’re excited to announce that she has been promoted to Interim Director of Production. Nice work Paige – thanks for keeping all the trains running on time.

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