Nike Tech Pack

Launch Project
NIKE, Inc. is the world’s most recognizable name and leading innovator in athletic apparel. Nike reached out to our partners Hybrid Design who in turn asked us to collaborate in a new avenue of brand communication: A quarterly digital magazine for the Tech Pack collection.


iOS Development
Content Planning

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Nike Sportswear wanted to create a digital lookbook for the Tech Pack that would highlight both the products to tell rich stories and engage audiences. The starting point was a 200-page coffee-table book that was distributed to media during a press release for the collection. To create a cohesive digital experience of the book, the app needed to be optimized for multiple devices and globally available with regional links and 21 languages. The Tech Pack line is synonymous with high tech construction and innovation, and the app is a reflection of those qualities.

Nike Tech Pack catalog next to the iOS App by Metajive


Organizing the content in a way that took advantage of the full digital experience was key, which meant including the same content in multiple locations throughout the site. Intuitive navigation was introduced with four separate options: The main navigation, the swipe, a table of contents and a next/previous thumbnail. In addition, we leveraged video to integrate with the shopping experience. The plan to offer a new issue of the lookbook quarterly required us to go beyond the standard app format and develop a whole platform that can be reused for future issues.

Nike Tech Pack Design system on floating cards


A collection as progressive as Tech Pack required an app with a great look and feel. Partnering with both Nike, Inc and Hybrid Design, we focused on keeping the design brand-consistent, bold and in line with the lookbook experience while taking advantage of the digital medium. By sticking with a refined color palette, strong typography and using parallax images and video, we were able to deliver a digital experience as clean and technical as the collection itself.

Nike Tech Pack User Flow Designs on iPhone

App Store

We created the app icon and all store element each season to promote the app in the iTunes and Google Play App Store.

In Store

To support the successful campaign we created instore digital installations for key Nike stores around the world.

Details we Love


Nike Tech App Brand Font
color: #000000;
font-family: Futura ND Bold;
font-size: 19pt;
line-height: 21pt;
letter-spacing: 0pt;


Nike Tech App Brand Font
color: #000000;
font-family: Futura ND Bold;
font-size: 15pt;
line-height: 18pt;
letter-spacing: 0pt;


color: #000000;
font-family: Futura ND Bold;
font-size: 12pt;
line-height: 17pt;
letter-spacing: 25pt;

Color - Fall/Holiday

A crisp color pallet to compliment the dramatic photography.

Color - Spring/Summer

A bright palette to match the season.


Keeping space aligned and copy easy to read.


We were able to maximize our efficiency in the development stage by creating native code for the iphone and ipad platforms and then leveraging modern web standards to create a seamless experience between them. Simple is smart. By keeping the content separate from the code we optimized everything for reuse. We also kept download size to a minimum, with content tailored specifically for each device. Localization was an important element for a global brand such as Nike so the app was created to default to each user’s pre-set language and local settings.

In App Integrated Video

Enhancing the product experience through integrated video at many stages of the app.

Retina Optimized

Modified content with the highest resolution images to take advantage of high density screens.

Support for 27 Languages

Designed to be flexible enough to accommodate 27 languages while maintaining visual continuity.

Native iOS App

Built for the highest performance on Apple devices.

Native Android App

Built for the highest performance on Android devices.

Embedded Web Technologies

Optimized production through use of web technologies working with the native app development.

Real Time Shopping Integration

Users were able to "shop the look" in real time and checkout through Nike's web store.

Subscription Module

Users were enrolled in automatic updates and informed of new seasons of clothes.

Push Notifications

Users were notified of new issues with pop up alerts through Apples push notification system.

Issue Generation Tool

Streamlining the production of each issue took advantage of our proprietary issue generation system.

Digital Installation Conversion

Launching off the success of the app we re-created the app for global in-store installations at premiere nike stores.

Social Integration

Ability to effectively share on social media networks with optimized tags, text and images.


The project was a new initiative for Nike, who is now working to engage its audience through a digital magazine for the first time. The successful launch of the app with its technical requirements and exceptionally short time window is testament to the company’s vision and our dedication to creating great experiences for both consumers and our clients. We cannot wait to continue pushing the envelope with future releases of this project.

Nike Tech Pack iOS App on iPhone next to Nike Hoodie