Project Raygun

Project Raygun is a boutique collectibles brand that celebrates pop culture of past and present while showcasing the artists that bring them to life.


User Experience


We partnered with Project Raygun to create an E-Commerce site that would highlight unique segments of pop culture and empower their artisan craftsmen community. Our role was ground-up, from helping to name and brand the company to developing a robust online storefront.


By connecting fans with the creators, we created opportunities to tell the stories behind each collectible. Within product pages, we highlight who made each piece as well as provided space for the artist to explain the process behind their vision. Since Project Raygun collectibles can be found offline as well, we developed a CMS driven retail locator that can be updated at any time.


It was important to us to have the Project Raygun site feel as cool as the products they have on the shelves. We created a nostalgic 80's video-game like universe for the site to deliver and showcase a seamless E-Commerce experience. 


Project Raygun's minimalist aesthetic was brought to life through the use of custom stroke elements and bold typography.

Details we Love


Color: #000000
font-family: Timmons NY
font-size: 146 px
line-height: 126 px
letter-spacing: 40 px


color: #000000
font-family: Timmons NY
font-size: 100 px
line-height: 90 px
letter-spacing: 40 px


color: #000000
font-family: Mallory
font-weight: Thin
font-size: 24 px
line-height: 34 px



The tech underlying Project Raygun is as slick as the products they have on offer. A robust search allows for filtering by artist, category, and company and responsive templates ensure that the Project Raygun experience is smooth across all devices.

Responsive Website

A site that adapts to look great on every screen.

Retina Optimized

Modified content with the highest resolution images to take advantage of high density screens.

Smart Content Management System

Our content management platform customized for each project.

Multi-Filter Customer Search

Ability for users to search by brand, product category, and many more variables.

Real time shipping integration

Get information in real time on shipping for e-commerce sites.


Project Raygun is an impressive niche brand of collectibles and we are proud to have created a platform to help them thrive. We look forward to seeing Project Raygun capitalize on their segment with the powerful E-Commerce tools that they have at their disposal.