An app that goes 🦍

An app that goes 🦍

VideoAmp App Design & Development

When it comes to VideoAmp, VIP is the everyday standard. One of the most innovative companies in the AdTech industry – working with top-tier clients in the marketing, advertising, and corporate space – VideoAmp is setting new standards. When they came to Metajive to take their events out of the evite and email world and into an app with a bespoke experience, we knew it was time to make this app 🌕.


But no one has ever done this before…”
VideoAmp and meta-friends Column Five engaged Metajive to collaborate on translating their vault of ideas into an exclusive app and client experience dashboard that is unique to this industry. Let’s get real, the task of blending a company’s event marketing, internal company communications, and external client experiences into an app was a first. We live for “firsts”, and even though we needed to ensure it felt both relevant and valuable to their clients – as well as meet a tight timeline – we had plenty of ideas.


We focused on four key areas to go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. (1) A concierge for VideoAmp events and experiences, (2) an exclusive “Drop Shop” for VIP customers and Vampers (VideoAmp employees), (3) a dashboard to bring together news, upcoming events, educational resources, and (4) exclusive insights. Now for the fun part… We made sure that the app gave users the ability to RSVP to events as well as see VIP only experiences. FOMO check, we got it too! Download the app to find out what you don't want to miss out on.
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Celebrating a unique brand for users to have a world class experience? #LFG. We set out to establish a visual style for continuity with current typography and patterns while also incorporating multiple properties for VideoAmp in one location. We used a card strategy that would allow users to feel like every experience is grounded in the app for a more fluid and immersive experience. Video content took each event to the moon.

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Leveraging React Native to make sure this app worked great on iOS and Android, we created a system that takes advantage of a custom content management system to upload events. It also allows employees to sign in with special privilages and customer data to sync with statuses for extra VIP access. We optimized every video for the right bandwidth and took every step to make sure that the app experience was as premium as the experiences the users were invited to.
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Project Results

By reimagining how VideoAmp communicates with their most exclusive customers and employees, we amplified their event experience. We built a project that can grow and flex with changing leads and initiatives of this fast growing unicorn. We learned a lot about building great relationships with this incredible team as we helped them build relationships with customers and employees. Metajive continues to partner with VideoAmp, rolling out new features as needed.
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