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Weta is the high end movie production company responsible for hits from Lord of the Rings to King Kong and Tin-Tin. Weta also produces high end collectables for fans around the world. These collectables are made by the same artisans that make movie props.


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We partnered with Weta to create an e-commerce website that would service fans around the world with four warehouses and five currencies. Our role was to create a whole website production that would balance commerce and brand in a symbiotic relationship with the movies Weta is known for making.


By connecting fans with storytelling we created opportunities to show the full value of each product. We searched for ways to interweave the story of the painstaking production quality and the essence of each unique brand weta produces products for. With moments of surprise and delight embedded throughout the site the connection between storytelling and product is not lost.

By far the most forethought and unwavering yet humble confidence delivering complex e-commerce flows, beautiful design and considered UX that I have ever come across. From managers and producers through to designers and developers, this rare passion runs like a thread.
Magnus Hjert , Online retail and system manager, Weta Workshop


At it's forefront, Weta is a movie production company so we wanted to keep the site feeling cinematic with deep palette to bring the products to the forefront. With more visually engaging assets than most brands we kept the site structure simple with a clear hierarchy, bold type, custom icons and prominent call to actions to increase conversion letting high quality products shine. while feeling at home with their brand elements.


Real time search results delivers users to products more efficiently.

Details we Love


color: #383838
font-family: Avenir 95
font-weight: Black
font-size: 144 pt
line-height: 118pt


color: #404040
font-family: Avenir 95
font-weight: Black
font-size: 37pt
line-height: 35pt


color: #626363
font-family: Avenir
font-weight: Roman
font-size: 18pt
line-height: 28pt


Highlighting a consistent muted tone that keeps the focus on the amazing products.


Tastefully adding touches of texture to keep visual interest in the ample whitespace.


With high quality photos we were able to highlight details while maintaining photos in a pure black environment.


Custom icons for every product category.


A 12 column grid with ample gutter space keeps the eye focused and the Creative Directors happy :)


While simplicity on the front end of the site was a goal this robust system has a super charger packed under the hood. Beyond connecting multiple warehouses and payment systems in real time this system also created a better consumer experience with customized order routing and shipping offers for the consumer based on their location. The ability to drive sales is controlled through a complex discount module as well as a special reward system “weta dollars” for every product purchased with a special set of rules, rewards, expectations and bonuses.

Multi Currency & Inventory Tracking

Accepting payment in local currency to increase conversion rate with real time inventory and shipping from multiple warehouses.

B2B Ordering System

A full retailer based e-commerce experience with individual terms, shipping and discounts.

Payment Plan Integration System

Allowing users to pay for large items over a fixed period of time.

Multi-Filter Customer Search

Ability for users to search by brand, product category, and many more variables.

Responsive Website

A site that adapts to look great on every screen.

Smart Content Management System

Our content management platform customized for each project.

Multi Warehouse Distribution Integration

Optimizing worldwide distribution through real-time shipping and inventory.

Smart User Location Based Order Picking

Streamlining the user checkout experience with reduced shipping costs based on user location.

Customer Loyalty System

A multi-tiered reward system that gives customers a percent of their purchase as credit for future purchases.

Pre-Order Capabilities

Navigating the complex world of pre-order products with legal clarity, inventory management and extended credit card terms.

PCI Compliant Card Storage

Securely saving user Credit Cards for future purchases.

Intuitive Loading

Ajax loading with bandwidth detection.

Cloudfront CDN Integration

Automatically migrating site content to Amazon's worldwide cloud distribution.

Sales Funnel Tracking

Custom integration with Google Analytics sales tracking for testing and optimization.

Automated Sales Reporting

Automatic creation of custom reports for various roles in the organizations.

SEO Optimization

Helping increase visibility of products for search results.

Custom Product Review System

Allowing customers to rate and review products while incentivizing them to share the result on social media.

Customer Account Management System

Infrastructure to manage customers, orders, accounts and credits.

Multi Filter Search

Ability for users to search by brand, product category, and many more variables.

Real Time Search Results

Automated search completion and product preview in real time based on search queries.

Social Integration Optimized

Ability to effectively share on social media networks with optimized tags, text and images.

Retargeting Integration

Increasing conversion rates by serving targeted ads and bringing users back to the site.

Real time shipping integration

Get information in real time on shipping for e-commerce sites.


In our ongoing relationship with Weta we continue to support them in their ongoing sales effort. We are excited to see the improvement this site has on sale over time and embrace a philosophy of constant improvement through refinement of goals.